Court Information

If you need to contact the Sixth Judicial District Court or any district employees, please reference the contact information below. If you need contact the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, or any other County Office, please visit the County’s Website here.

Mailing Address

  • District Court Chambers
  • 25 West 5th St.
  • Room #212
  • Winnemucca, NV 89445
  • District Court Clerk
  • 50 W. 5th Street
  • Room #207
  • Winnemucca, NV 89445


Office Hours

  • Monday – Friday — 08:00 – 5:00
  • Saturday — Closed
  • Sunday — Closed

Jury Duty

In accordance with N.R.S. 6.010, “every qualified elector of the state whether registered or not who has sufficient knowledge of the English language, and who has not been convicted of treason, felony, or other infamous crime, and who is not rendered incapable by reason of physical or mental infirmity, is a qualified juror of the county in which he resides.”

A qualified juror is:
  • At least 18 years of age
  • A citizen of the United States
  • A resident of the county
  • Without felony convictions

The average trial length is two to five days. Normally, jurors will be required to serve from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on each day of trial. On the first day, jury selection will occur. Jury selection may take anywhere from two hours to the entire day.

When appearing for jury duty, you are encouraged to choose attire that reflects the dignity and professionalism of Court. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops or sweat pants. Sweatshirts or tee shirts with offensive pictures or statements printed on them should also be avoided.
However, the temperature of the courtroom may fluctuate so jurors are encouraged to dress accordingly.

Please keep in mind that potential jurors are not paid an appearance fee. Jurors receive payment only if they are selected to serve on a jury. Each juror is paid $40.00 a day for jury service and will be reimbursed for travel costs. Jurors typically receive their checks within two to three weeks of jury service.

If you do not wish to appear for jury duty, understand that the following people are automatically exempt from service as trial jurors:
  • Any member of the Nevada Legislature or any employee of the Legislature or the Legislative Counsel Bureau, while the Legislature is in session
  • A person who is at least 70 years of age
Furthermore, in accordance with N.R.S. 6030, jurors may submit a formal request for exemption on the basis of:
“(a) sickness or physical disability.
(b) Serious illness or death of a member of the juror’s immediate family.
(c) Undue hardship or extreme inconvenience.
(d) Public necessity.”

To submit a request to be excused, you must provide a letter that includes the details of your request as well as your contact information at least three days BEFORE the date on which you are to appear for service. Your letter can be mailed to Judge Montero, emailed to Elisha Formby at [email protected], or hand delivered to the Judge’s Chambers.

Guardian ad Litem Program

Guardian ad Litem Logo

A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is to advocate for the best interests of children involved in the dependency court system, primarily those who are victims of abuse and neglect. It trains and supports community volunteers who provide quality advocacy to help assure each child a safe, permanent, nurturing home. It hopes is to bring the gift of love, hope and support to children who have been victims of abuse or neglect or who are in need of protection with the goal of ensuring safe, nurturing, permanent, and loving homes.

Nevada GAL volunteers conduct themselves and our work with integrity, professionalism, and respect. The volunteers will provide independent, objective, and factually accurate information to the courts through quality review and reporting. They will be an active participant on the child’s case management team. They will continue to improve themselves through education and experience to improve the lives of the children they serve.

For additional information, view the GAL Brochure.

For job description, click here

For application, click here

For additional questions, please contact:

Eliana Sandoval, GAL Program Coordinator
[email protected]
(775) 623-6371

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between district and justice court?

District Court and Justice Court are two separate entities within the judicial system that hold varying levels of jurisdiction. Justice Court hears both misdemeanor criminal cases and felony criminal preliminary hearings. Misdemeanor criminal cases are resolved at the Justice Court level. Felony Criminal cases begin in justice court and are bound over to District Court at the preliminary hearing. Justice Court also hears misdemeanor traffic cases, restraining orders, small claims, evictions, and all other civil matters that amount in controversy to less than $10,000. District Court hears all civil cases beyond this. If you have a questions about a case or hearing date, please make sure that you contact the correct court staff.

Justice Court Small Claims and Traffic: (775) 623-6377
Justice Court Criminal: (775) 623-6059
District Court: (775) 623-6451 or (775) 623-6371

Can I speak to the Judge directly?

In nearly all cases, it would be inappropriate for the Judge to speak to any interested parties regarding an open case without the presence of all parties or their legal representation. If you feel you have information relevant to a case, you must provide that information to your attorney. However, if you are representing yourself; please write it down, provide a copy to the opposing party and mail it to Judge Montero’s chambers. Keep in mind that any attempt to sway the Judge toward a certain decision will be disregarded and that if you call his office you will not be permitted to speak with him directly.

Do I get paid for jury duty?

The thirteen individuals who are selected to sit on the jury throughout the trial are reimbursed $40 for each day that they serve. In addition, any juror who must travel a considerable distance in order to serve will be reimbursed for their mileage.

How can I request to be excused from jury duty?

Per Nevada statute, persons of 70 years or more as well as those who are 65 or older and living 65 miles or more away are automatically exempt from serving as a juror. If you do not meet these qualifications but you would still like to be excused, you may submit a written request to the Court detailing your reason for the request. Please include as much information about your circumstances as possible. Your letter should contain a phone number at which you can be reached during business hours as well.
Address requests to:

District Court
50 W. 5th Street
Suite #207
Winnemucca, NV 89445

Please keep in mind that the Judge excuses potential jurors at his discretion and that individuals who receive summons and fail to appear can be held in contempt. (N.R.S SS 6.020-030, 6.040)

What if I receive a juror summons for someone who no longer lives at my address?

If you receive a summons addressed to someone who no longer resides at your address, please do not sign for it. If you have already opened and read the summons, please let the Humboldt County Clerk’s Office know so that they can update the information in their system.

What can I bring with me when I appear for jury duty?

You are welcome to bring magazines, books, tablets and cellphones when you appear for jury duty as there are often times you will be made to wait. However, once you have been called for voir dire (jury screening process performed by the Judge and counsel) or selected to serve on the jury, you will leave all personal items in a secure place until you have either been excused as a potential juror or the trial has recessed for the day.

How do I get selected for jury duty?

The jury pool is comprised of individuals whose names are retrieved from the Winnemucca phone book, Voter Registration, Assessor’s Listings as well as records from the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you serve as juror, your name will be removed from the jury pool for six months.

How do I file a complaint?

To file a complaint in the Sixth Judicial District, you must provide the document you wish to file in its original paper form as the clerk of the court is not currently equipped with an e-filing system. Furthermore, though this district does not currently have district court rules in place, each filed document should be on lined pleading paper and should comply with the district court rules of the State of Nevada. If you are filing from outside of Humboldt County, you may mail the filing fee with the document. Please see our list of filing fees in the self-help center on this website. If you have any further questions about filing protocol and fees, please contact the Humboldt County Clerk’s Office at (775) 623-6343.

I need to obtain legal help. What are my options?

It is the first advice of the Court that you obtain professional legal counsel from an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Nevada. However, if you are unable to afford an attorney and must represent yourself, there are numerous pro per legal forms for civil proceedings in our self-help center. There are also a number of legal aid sites available elsewhere on the internet.

I need to file for custody, divorce, or administration of an estate, etc. What should my first step be?

If you have decided to proceed in the process without an attorney, you can find all of the original filing and answer forms for divorce, custody, and probate matters in our self-help center on this website. Once you have found the appropriate document and filled it out accordingly, it must be filed with the Humboldt County Clerk’s Office. After the original petition and notice have been filed, all scheduling is handled directly by the Judge’s staff.

If can’t find a form on your website, what can I do?

If the form you are looking for is not on our website, search the collection of forms on the Washoe and Clark County court websites. If you find the form that you need but the county header is mislabeled, cross out the incorrect county and write Humboldt above.

Where do I mail my filings?

All filings should be addressed to the Humboldt County Clerk’s Office at 50 W. 5th Street in Winnemucca, NV, unless otherwise arranged with the Court.

What are filing fees?

Filing fees are the money required to file documents with the Court. A PDF list of the filing fees is available in our Self-Help Center.

How can I obtain court records or perform a name search for a background check?

To obtain paper court records or perform a name search please contact the Humboldt County Clerk’s Office. If you would like a copy of an audio-visual recording of a hearing, however; please contact the Judge’s Chambers directly at (775) 623-6371.

Why can’t District Court employees offer legal advice?

District Court employees as well as employees of the County Clerk’s Office are prohibited from offering legal advice because they must maintain impartiality at all times. Furthermore, Court and Court Clerk Staff are not licensed to practice and thus cannot provide legal advice professionally. However, Court staff can offer information about scheduling, the filing process, and the location of pro per resources and official documents.

Where is the district court office located?

District Court Chambers is located on the second floor of the new half of the Humboldt County Courthouse building, room 212.